Registrations are now open !

The 20$ registration fee includes the friday evening wine and cheese event, the breakfasts and diners of saturday and sunday as well as the saturday evening supper. If you register before december 16, you’ll additionnaly receive a promotional SUMM mug! If you decide to pay on arrival, a 5$ additionnal fee will apply, for a total fee of 25$.

The SUMM also offers a pizza night monday, december the third for those who want to give a talk or participate in the poster contest. The event is open to anyone who already have a ticket for the SUMM and participation is without any obligation. Do not hesitate to come if you are curious!

New! This year the SUMM organizes a poster contest on friday evening. You want to participate more actively to the SUMM but are not comfortable giving a talk? The poster contest is for you! We accept new posters, but also posters you have already presented in the past. The same discount applies to participants presenting posters as to those giving a talk, but be sure to be available friday evening! The evaluation criterias will soon be available online.

For those considering giving a talk or presenting a poster, please indicate so in the form below and send us a short summary of your talk or the title of your poster by email. If your talk or your poster is accepted, the SUMM will reimburse you 10$. This sum will be handed out to you on your arrival on-site. Please note that you can present more than one talk and/or a poster, but that the maximum discount remains 10$.

The online registrations helps us organise the events et lets us make the reservations for the restaurant and buy food optimally. Please register online via Paypal to facilitate the organisation.

Travel subvention and lodging

The SUMM is happy to once again welcome students from all over the country and the world. To this effect we offer travel subventions up to 100$ per participant as well as free lodging at the residence of local students. We also offer up to 13,75$ per person to cover the cost of travel inside Montreal, enough to cover the cost of an unlimited bus and subway weekend pass (friday evening included).

You can apply directly for a travel subvention in the registration form below. Register quickly as the budget is limited! The students travelling in group and sharing the travel price (carpooling or other) will be prioritized up to december 16. After that date the subventions will be distributed by order of registration. It is possible that you will be put on a waiting list as long as we are waiting confirmation for our sponsorships. If this is the case, we will keep you informed of the situation by email.

If you travel as a group, all participants must fill in the registration form, but only the person in charge should fill in the subvention request. If you have questions regarding the subvention requests, or if your participation is dependent on the obtention of a subvention, please contact the SUMM by email as early as possible.

Be sure to keep all your bills as the SUMM will not be able to reimburse you otherwise! All reimbursements will be given out in person on the day of the SUMM. For any reimbursement above 10$, please also bring a piece of identification matching the name on your registration form. If your legal name does not match your name of general use/preferred name, please use your preferred name on the registration form and send us an email to inform us of the situation. Be assured that all emails received by the SUMM are strictly confidential.

SUMM 2019

Séminaires Universitaires en Mathématiques à Montréal

Seminars in Undergraduate Mathematics in Montreal

Débute le/ Starts On:
January 11th, 2019
6:00 PM
Fini le/ Ends On:
January 13th, 2019
7:30 PM
SUMM 2019
Entrée pour un / Entry for one ($20,00)
Pensez-vous participer au souper du samedi soir? / Do you intend on attending the saturday evening supper?
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Pensez-vous présenter une conférence? / Are you considering giving a conference?
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Pensez-vous participer au concours d'affiches? / Are you considering participating to the poster conquest?
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Offre d'hébergement / Lodging offer

Avez-vous accès à une voiture pour transporter vos invités? / Do you have access to a car to transport your guests?
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Demande de subvention de déplacement / Travel subvention request

Demande d'hébergement / Lodging request

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